Key Features of a Luxury Home: What to Include in Your Dream Home Design

Key Features of a Luxury Home: Design Your Dream Home

When it comes to building a luxury home, designing a space that you look forward to coming home to involves taking a deeper look into your long-held hopes, your habits, and what would make life easier and more enjoyable for you.

“Most of our clients only build one dream home in their lifetime; we want to make sure we get it right for them.”
David Ebeling, Principal, Cook Bonner Ebeling.

In this blog, we’ll go over the key components to implement into the design of your dream luxury home and help you create a space that you and your family will enjoy for generations to come.


Working From The Outside, In

"Clients like to feel connected to the beautiful landscape that is Charleston, so building an outdoor living space that connects them comfortably with their surroundings is very important." – Tray McCune, Principal, Cook Bonner Ebeling

Designing your dream home starts with a terrific outdoor living space that combines comfort and luxury into a seamless connection with your natural surroundings. Let’s dive into several of our favorite outdoor additions:

Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

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Including an outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your dream home design expands the usability of your outdoor space beyond just the warm seasons. Besides providing a cozy spot for gatherings, it creates an inviting ambiance and offers a perfect setting for relaxing and socializing. 

Both a fireplace and a fire pit allow you to enjoy the cooler evenings while maintaining ultimate comfort.

Covered Grill Station

A covered grill station is a practical and stylish addition to your dream home that allows you to indulge in outdoor cooking regardless of weather conditions. 

From a quick meal prepared on the grill or elaborate outdoor feasts, a covered grill station provides a dedicated space for you to cook up delicious grub while enjoying the outdoor atmosphere of your home.

“Covered grill stations and fire pits - out of ear’s reach from the rest of the house and from the neighbors - are a must!” – David Ebeling, Principal, Cook Bonner Ebeling.

Outdoor Heating

Incorporating outdoor heating elements like patio heaters can greatly extend the usability of your outdoor space. It creates a comfortable and warm environment during the chilly seasons and ensures that your outdoor oasis remains inviting and enjoyable year-round. 

Whether you are hosting guests or seeking a quiet moment, outdoor heating provides the warmth needed to make your dream home's exterior a welcoming extension of your indoor living space.

Covered Television

What’s better than getting together with family and friends for Sunday football? Doing it all outside.

Whether you’re grilling burgers and hotdogs or simply enjoying the fresh air, you won’t have to miss any important plays if you’ve implemented a covered space for an outdoor television set.

If football isn’t your thing, an outdoor TV also allows you to catch up on your favorite shows during crisp fall evenings, or provide added entertainment during your kids’ backyard birthday parties. 

Screened Porch or Patio

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Whether you opt for a screened porch or a covered patio, the ability to shade yourself during the hot summer days and relax during the cooler evenings is essential for building a luxury home complete with an oasis of peace and tranquility.

Plus, a completely screened-in porch helps you enjoy the fresh air without bothersome Charleston bugs.

Pizza Oven

A pizza oven is an often overlooked element when designing a dream home, but it can truly elevate your outdoor space — not only aesthetically, but by turning it into a gourmet haven.

The authenticity of wood-fired flavors and the social aspect of crafting meals together make your home the center among friends and families for memorable gatherings and delicious meals.


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Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a pool offers numerous benefits, including physical exercise, stress relief, and a private oasis for unwinding. 

Although Charleston does boast beautiful beaches, there’s nothing like a serene, elegant pool to elevate the look and feel of your outdoor space. It also provides a place for private sunbathing and swimming, without the hassle of dealing with big crowds or pesky sand. Want to get extra luxurious? Opt for a saltwater pool.

If you’d like to transform your backyard into a resort-like escape, a pool is a must-have element in your dream home design.

Electric Car Chargers

If you own an electric vehicle or plan to purchase one in the future, having the ability to charge overnight at home is convenient and gives you the freedom to charge your car whenever you’d like. 

This forward-thinking addition supports environmentally conscious living and contributes to the overall efficiency and practicality of your dream home.

Luxury Indoor Elements

The inside space of your home is where your dream home design can truly shine. It serves as the perfect canvas for expressing your personal style. 

Your indoor design influences the entire atmosphere and ambiance of your home. A well-designed interior enhances comfort and functionality and complements the flow of daily activities.

"To our clients', home is their oasis. It is crucial to design a space that invites them back in after a long day. Maybe it's a cozy spot to read a book by the fire, maybe a spot to have an evening cocktail, or maybe it's a fabulous kitchen to prepare an evening meal.” – Tray McCune, Principal, Cook Bonner Ebeling

The Entryway

The entryway is the first impression that people get when they enter your home, and it’s the space that sets the tone for the entire house. Adding the following elements to your entryway can enhance the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of this space: 

  • A designated place for your keys, sunglasses, and even wallet

  • A place to kick off your shoes that’s out of the way

  • A place by the front door to stow things away quickly when company shows up unannounced 

  • Lockers (if you have kids)

The Living Room

When thoughtfully designed, the living room is the perfect haven for gatherings, family nights, and relaxing evenings at home. The living room's layout plays a crucial role in this, as you want enough space for guests yet not so much space that it loses its warmth and coziness.

David Ebeling, Principal, Cook Bonner Ebeling, recommends incorporating:

  • Tall ceilings with large windows for natural light

  • Enough space between the TV and the couch to comfortably watch the game without getting a kink in your neck

  • Beams to add depth and a visually captivating focal point

  • An open layout for convenient access to the kitchen — perfect for cooking and socializing

  • Sliding doors for easy access to the outdoor living space

"Blending the lines between indoor and outdoor living space is becoming more important to our clients. There are few ways to better achieve this than designing the home with a multi-panel glass wall unit. It allows our clients the option to slide open the panels and enjoy the beautiful Charleston weather." – Tray McCune, Principal, Cook Bonner Ebeling

The Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where a lot of your time is spent preparing meals for the ones you love, gathering around the island to talk about the day, and making memories with your family. It’s then extremely important to design your kitchen to be comfortable and easily accessible with an open layout. 

Make sure to include features that are not only convenient but luxurious. We recommend incorporating:

  • The work triangle — this is a concept that determines the most efficient layout for convenient cooking, including unblocked access to the three main elements: the refrigerator, the sink, and the stovetop.

  • A chef’s kitchen — this includes commercial-grade appliance upgrades, ample counter space, and even a pot filler faucet above the stove.

“Luxury doesn't have to be grand or opulent but it does have to be thoughtful." – Tray McCune, Principal, Cook Bonner Ebeling

The Primary Bedroom

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The primary bedroom is the sanctuary of the inside of your home and provides a private, beautiful, and restful place to unwind. We recommend:

  • Plenty of natural light with blackout curtains or shades so you can sleep without disruption

  • Extra light switches by the bed for pathway lighting

  • Hanging bedside lights provide a luxurious and modern feel

  • Steam shower or spa — this elevates your entire bedroom area and creates a truly luxurious escape. Plus, steam showers need very little water to operate, making them a great eco-friendly alternative.

Consider integrating smart technologies such as lighting and shades in your bedroom for enhanced comfort. With app control on your phone, you can conveniently adjust the temperature or turn off the lights without leaving your bed.

Getting Extra Luxurious

If you’d really like to kick it up a notch, adding the following features to your dream home design will certainly provide a “wow” factor for both you and your guests:

Golf Simulators

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Golf simulators bring the thrill of the game right to the inside of your own home. This unique addition is not only enjoyable for golf enthusiasts but also offers fantastic entertainment value during gatherings and holiday parties.

A Home Bar

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Including a bar in your dream home design adds a touch of sophistication and continuous entertainment for guests and gatherings. 

Whether it's a stylish wet bar for casual get-togethers or a dedicated space for mixology, a home bar becomes a fun area for hosting guests or enjoying a relaxing night at home.

Man and Woman Caves

“The girls need a space, and the guys need a space - but not the same space! Meet in the middle, but give the ladies their space to talk about the men!”David Ebeling, Principal, Cook Bonner Ebeling.

Hidden Safes

Hidden safes are a discreet way to integrate security into the design of your dream home. Beyond protecting your valuables, these storage solutions provide peace of mind and ensure that your prized possessions remain secure at all times. 

They add an extra layer of protection without compromising the aesthetics of your home, offering a sophisticated solution to home security.

Building Your Dream Home Is a Journey, Not a Race

The most important aspect of the custom home building process is rooted in being thoughtful. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I want my home to make me feel?

  • What would make me excited to come home after a long day?

  • What elements can I incorporate that would make my home feel like I’m on vacation?

“We encourage our clients to make selections that excite them; we want them to want to go home at the end of a long work week.”David Ebeling, Principal, Cook Bonner Ebeling.

For expert assistance in crafting your dream home, ensuring both comfort and luxury, leverage our extensive 45+ years of experience in crafting custom homes throughout the Charleston area.

Reach out to us now and let’s get started on building your dream home.


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