The Edisto River Retreat: A Stunning Custom Home by Cook Bonner Ebeling

Situated along the Edisto River, this sprawling estate by Cook Bonner Ebeling Construction is a true paradise in the Lowcountry. Spread out among the intercoastal landscape, the main house blends seamlessly with the surrounding nature, as Spanish Oaks line the walkways along the property.

There’s more to the Edisto River Retreat than meets the eye. Aside from its spectacular outdoor design, let’s dig into what truly makes this property a custom home heaven.



Edisto River Retreat


Location, Location, Location

The Edisto River is one of the most beautiful rivers in the East — and the longest free-flowing blackwater river in North America. It’s lined with Oak trees dripping with Spanish Moss, and with no dams or rapids, the water flows freely and lazily among the curves of the rolling river banks.

Building a custom home on the Edisto River is one of the most coveted places to build in America. And with details like you’re about to see, you’ll understand why this property is among one of the most striking custom homes in the area.


Distinguishing Custom Home Features

Several considerations went into the design of the Edisto River Retreat, many of which were chosen due to their beauty, durability, and rarity. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most impressive features of this custom home.


Antique Distressed Heart Pine

Heartwood is one of the highest-quality, most exquisite types of wood in the world. It’s known for its exceptional durability due to its tight grain, which makes it resistant to warping or cupping over time.

Additionally, the antique heart pine reclaiming process makes it eligible for LEED credits, enhancing a home’s sustainability.

The Edisto River Retreat features antique distressed heart pine all over the property, from its floors to its siding and even to the molding along the door frames.


Gorgeous Custom Kitchen


Edisto River Retreat

Since the average American spends over 400 hours a year in the kitchen, why not make the kitchen a space you enjoy?

For aficionados of the culinary world, this custom hood above the range can be considered a work of art. It’s perfectly flush with the wall and features a custom sliding backsplash behind the range.

The island also serves as a fantastic place to gather. With plenty of seating space, it allows the owners to dine, converse, and cook all in one.


A Lowcountry Getaway

Our client came to us with one main request: They wanted a living space that was a getaway from day-to-day life, a personal paradise where they could entertain and relax.

We set out to create a destination in itself. The house includes gorgeous outdoor elements with entertainment features, including a skeet shooting range and a bocce ball court. The property also comes with a guest retreat with a personal yoga room, a gathering cottage, and two sleeping cottages on either side.

Need we say more?


Outdoor Oasis


Edisto River Retreat

In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Take a look at the effortless way the pool sits among the property, blending in perfectly with the aesthetic of the home and the surrounding nature of the Edisto River bank.

The pool area is the perfect place to enjoy a morning coffee or take a dip during the hot summer afternoons. It’s also a fantastic spot to host friends and family, as the home itself and the massive trees provide the perfect backdrop for entertaining.


The Best in Custom Home Design and Build

Custom homes in Charleston stand out among others nationwide, boasting a prime location in one of the world's finest cities. We’ve been building custom homes in Charleston for half a century. We understand the ins and outs of what it takes to build a truly stunning home in the Lowcountry.

If you’re ready to get more ideas for your dream custom home, browse through the Complete Charleston Luxury Home Lookbook. Get inspired with fresh ideas from some of the most stunning homes in the Lowcountry.


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